Shot Glasses a Prom Favor

In most schools, especially high schools, across the country teachers and administrators try to prevent underage drinking. This is especially true when prom season rolls around at high schools all over this great nation of ours. Well the same can’t be said for one high school in the state of New York. Now, this high school wasn’t promoting underage drinking persay but it is pretty close.

Onteora School District was involved in a prom night disaster when it comes to prom favors. One of the high schools in the district gave the attendees of the prom shot glasses, which are used for liquor, as prom favors to take home with them. The high school is located in Boiceville, New York, in the Catskill Mountains of the state.

School policies in the district have been revised to prevent any such gift being handed out at a senior prom ever again. This information was provided by the District’s Superintendent Leslie Ford.

Ford told reporters that this isn’t the message that they want to send out to the teens in their school district or around the country. The school district involved in the incident is located roughly 115 miles north of Manhattan.

Holley Carnright, the District Attorney for Ulster County, said that the prom favors were an insult to families that have been a victim of drunk driving incidents. The story of these prom favors has made it all over the country and some schools are taking action to prevent this incident from happening at their school anytime in the future.

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