Woman Involved with Sanford Admits Affair

The woman at the heart of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s affair has admitted to the press that she has been involved with the much maligned politician. Maria Belen Chapur, a 41 year old, admitted on Sunday that she is the woman involved in the affair with Sanford. Chapur also said that the email making its way around the world was obtained from her account without permission.

“I have decided to send this statement to clear up certain incorrect things that are being reported, and put an end to a matter that, as you imagine, is very painful to me, my two children, my entire family and close friends.”

Chapur claims that her Hotmail account was accessed by someone, not naming the person, without permission and sent her correspondences between her and Sanford to the South Carolina newspaper ‘The State.’

“I have a strong suspicion of who is responsible for this evil act that was directed at me but also destroyed the lives of so many others,” Chapur said. “But without sufficient proof, and for legal reasons, I am obligated to not reveal the name.

“It is not for me to judge anyone. I leave it all in the hands of God,” she concluded.

Sanford made a secret trip to Argentina earlier in the month of June and upon returning to the United States had to finally admit that he was involved in an affair with a woman from Argentina.

As it stands right now Sanford does not plan to resign from his political post because he feels that it would be the easiest thing to do. Sanford would rather restore the public and his family’s trust in him.

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